Every single person working at Powerhouse Company has the ambition to create something that is next level. This ambition finds its way to the project teams. A shared love for architecture, design and craftsmanship drives the quality of the final product. We work together to create the best possible design teams of architects, designers, developers, engineers or interior architects.

At Powerhouse Company, we build our teams on the talents of each individual member. We nurture a positive, constructive-critical mindset within the project teams. Everyone is encouraged to practice what they enjoy most. We value curiosity. We motivate people to leave their comfort zones so they can expand their skills.

We are committed to getting our designs built at the highest possible quality level. At any given moment multiple projects are under construction or nearing completion. In the Netherlands as well as abroad. In this dynamic environment, employees get their fair share of practical experience in the field, something that benefits their further careers.

If you feel you can contribute to our ambition, feel free to check out our job openings or send an open application.

Open application

Would you like to send an open application? Please email your CV and a small portfolio of your work to