Albert Takashi Richters


Albert Takashi Richters (1985, The Netherlands) mainly works on concept and vision development at Powerhouse Company, and has a keen focus on design. Having grown up in an international setting, and having lived abroad from a young age, Albert is intuitively inspired by a wide range of subjects and ideas. He received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees with honours from TU Delft. 

Before joining Powerhouse Company permanently, Albert was part of the design team involved in the winning proposal for the Çanakkale Antenna Tower competition. Currently, alongside his work for Powerhouse Company, he is a coordinating tutor for the Chair of Complex projects at TU Delft and runs the POST--OFFICE platform through which he has organised workshops, small exhibitions and a lecture series. 

Albert strongly believes that dialogue is not synonymous with concession. It’s merely a way to get things done.