Chiara Dorbolò

Chiara (1988, Italy) is an architect and researcher. She joined Powerhouse Company in October 2017. Chiara is a graduate in Architecture, Interior and Exhibition Design from La Sapienza University in Rome and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, where she received her master’s degree and professional architect qualification. 

Besides working at Powerhouse Company, Chiara pursues her interest in theory and research by working as a contributing editor for Failed Architecture, an online research platform investigating the social implications of the built environment, and by teaching a studio at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Her previous experience includes internships and collaborations with firms and institutions ranging from architecture and interior design to public space activism and exhibition design, among them iLproject, Cascoland and the Van Eesteren Museum. 

In 2017 Chiara won the Graduation Show Public Award at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture for her project ‘The Seven Follies of Lampedusa’. The project was also accepted as a contribution for the Association for Borderlands Studies Second World Conference in Vienna and Budapest, and as a presentation and publication in the proceedings for the international conference CAUMME PAUMME 2018 "Borders in Architecture" in Istanbul.