Daan Masmeijer

Daan Masmeijer (1991, The Netherlands) has been working at Powerhouse Company since 2015. He began his career at the practice as an intern, before working part-time as a designer during his master’s studies, which he completed in 2017. 

Daan received his undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering from the Hogeschool van Utrecht in 2014 and went on to study for his master’s degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences at TU Delft. His final project ‘Disclosing the military city Lisbon’, about the redevelopment of a large vacant military heritage site in the city, was developed in collaboration with the DOCOMOMO and the municipality of Lisbon. Before studying at TU Delft, Daan worked as an architectural draftsman at the architecture firm Rijnboutt in Amsterdam until 2015.