Dik Houben

Dik Houben (1984, The Netherlands) has been employed as project architect at Powerhouse Company since 2013. Dik mainly works on large-scale public buildings, including Powerhouse Company’s Pathé cinemas in Arnhem and Maastricht, as well as the new Assen railway station. Dik is a conscientious and technically competent architect. He enjoys supervising the entire design process, from the first sketch to the execution.

Following his undergraduate studies at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Dik graduated as an architect from the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture in 2012. His graduation project on the re-use of the Shell Tower was nominated for the Archiprix. Dik was selected as a Young Innovator by the Board of Government Advisors to continue this research. The final project Onbetaalbaar Overschot (Unaffordable Surplus) investigates the possibilities for transforming post-war state offices into housing on the basis of their architectural characteristics. The follow-up assignment from the CRa / Office of the Government Architect is to research the transformation of the Smedinghuis in Lelystad as part of the MIRT Research Rijksvastgoed Strategie Lelystad.

Before joining Powerhouse Company, Dik worked at Atelier Kempe Thill and Serge Schoemaker Architects.