Gert Ververs

Gert Ververt (1968, The Netherlands) is head of the visualisation team at Powerhouse Company. After fifteen years of experience in architectural visualisation and 20 years of experience with Photoshop, in 2016 Gert joined Powerhouse Company to create exciting visualisations for architectural proposals and projects. He enjoys working on tight deadlines and participating in the competitions process, sometimes travelling abroad for courses to improve and update his skills. 

Within the field of visualisation, Gert is particularly passionate about digital painting. He likes to play with atmosphere and storytelling in his matte paintings as well as in his visualisation, as he sees them as teaser images for architecture. In the office, Gert is famous for being a huge fan of the painter Bob Ross, and can often be heard quoting the artist while doing his work: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”, or  “A tree needs some friends”.