Meagan Kerr

Meagan Kerr (1983, Australia) has worked at Powerhouse Company since June 2015. She has a wide professional focus ranging from complex projects and processes, to healthcare and education, to high end interior projects.

She received a Master of Architecture with 1st Class Honors from the University of Newcastle, Australia (2009). She worked with hrmphrdt architects before moving to the Netherlands in 2010. Prior to joining the Powerhouse team she worked with Rijnboutt and LIAG architects.

Meagan has worked on Canada House Dublin which achieved LEED platinum certification, Asics EMEA & Benelux Headquarters, Bunker Eindhoven and House of Hunters. Her other responsibilities include the Powerhousian Way of Things and the ArchiCAD BIM management, keeping a crispy office standard. Her extracurricular interests include bouldering, longboarding, travelling, playing the piano and stippling.