Niels Baljet

Niels Baljet (1991, The Netherlands) is an architect at Powerhouse Company. He studied at TU Delft, where he received his Master of Science cum laude. For his graduation project ‘Share City’, which was supervised by MVRDV’s The Why Factory, Niels imagined a block where people would own very little, while having access to a network of amazing shared spaces. 

During his studies Niels worked at Maxwan Architects + Urbanists in Rotterdam and at SPARK Architects in Beijing. He also managed and designed the transformation of a former factory site into an event space for more than 2,400 visitors.

These personal projects have been exhibited at the Dutch Embassy in Vancouver, Canada, and the Beijng Design Week 2015. Besides architecture, Niels is a dedicated athlete for Rotterdam Atletiek, competing in several running events.