Stefan de Meijer

Stefan de Meijer (1982, The Netherlands) is a technical engineer, a project leader and a BIM-modelleur at Powerhouse-Company. 

His school career started at the Secondary Technical School. He continued his studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, where he graduated in 2005. His first job was at the Rotterdam-based practice De Zwarte Hond, where he worked from 2006 to 2013. 

He started working at Powerhouse Company in 2013. His main role is to see projects from preliminary design through to building application and then into the construction phase and execution. Stefan works with BIM, using ArchiCAD and Solibri Checker for IFC collaboration with external parties. He enjoys the interaction between different team members and disciplines to achieve the best possible result. 

Besides architecture, Stefan is passionate about sports. Sunday is for playing football with a bunch of friends.